someone gave this boy sugar

i bet it was jared 

the longer i  look at this the more hilarious it gets

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Loki looks up at him, at Thor, at all that beauty and perfection, those golden shoulders, and says, I would do it again …

Blood Brothers - Synopsis
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Lions Gate Bridge

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Thor’s thunder thighs.

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For the horse lovers :) (via 500px / Mother’s Love by Wiebke Haas)

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Endless list of comics I’ve read Thor: God of Thunder #21
Today I hurt a god. I hurt him where he felt it the most. I ripped from his grasp the thing he cherished above all else. And I claimed it for my own. To do with… as I please.
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"Hemsworth will be one of those actors who will always be able to find work on the basis of a handsome face and charisma. To his credit, he possesses the acting chops to render those things secondary to what he does on the screen."

—George Thomas ( journalist, Cleveland Movie Examiner), Red Dawn Review. (via micky402)
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